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Next Payout: 13:48 BST
Please Note: We have noticed that some miners are not checking their selected coin types when mining. For example, you have set your coin-type to LEA when you are expecting to be paid in LUX on a LUX address. Please ask us about correcting this as any mined coins to an incorrect address will be lost.
If you feel that you have an issue, please get hold of us in the support Discord channel using the link below (in the footer of this page).
  • is a mining pool based on the YiiMP platform. It will allow you to mine many different virtual currencies,
  • And exchange these into the currency of your choice, from the currencies that are mined at the pool.

  • No registration is required. Just use your wallet address (for the currency you want to paid out in) as the username. Include the currency symbol in the password field as per instructions below.

  • Payouts are made automatically every 24 hours for all balances above 0.005 BTC (or equivalent), or 0.0025 BTC (or equivalent) several times a week.
  • For some coins, there is an initial delay before the first payout, please wait at least 6 hours before asking for support.
  • Blocks are distributed proportionally among valid submitted shares.

  • Lower Pool Fees:
  • As a bonus to miners, we are lowering our pool fees until further notice. The only way a pool works is with the miners putting in some hash. Happy mining!

  • Dont be put off by the low hash rates or miners right now. If you pointing your hash to you might find that when a block is solved, because you earn a much higher
  • percentage of the block, you could do quite well. The only way the pool grows if for miners like yourself to give it a try!

  • Hot off the press! We have a version of NemosMiner now (profit switching autominer for NVIDIA cards). You can download this from our Github repo:

  • Using MineMoney with CCMiner::

    -o stratum+tcp://[algo]<PORT> -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> [-p <OPTIONS>]

  • Using MineMoney with Bitmain D3::


    Worker: <WALLET_ADDRESS>

    Password: c=<SYMBOL>,d=92

  • Using MineMoney with Bitmain L3+::


    Worker: <WALLET_ADDRESS>

    Password: c=<SYMBOL>,d=128000

  • Please make sure that you set the currency in the password field, to the currency that matches your address. For example, c=[SYMBOL] - (without the brackets). This must be a valid symbol for either a coin that we mine on MineMoney,
  • or alternatively it must be BTC if you are using a Bitcoin address. Please dont include the algorithm you are mining along with the symbol, as this will mean that any balance mined to that address will be lost. For example, do not use c=XVG-x17. This will result in the coins you mine being lost.
  • What this means is... You can mine any algorithm at the pool, and if your address is a BTC address (c=BTC in the password field), then you will be paid out in the equivalent BTC. If you use another address, for example c=XVG, you will be paid out in the equivalent of Verge. This allows you profit mine, and hold a paricular coin.
  • The way that you confirm this is you start mining, and then take a look at your wallet address. Make sure that the coin type being mined is correct. We can swap the coin address to another coin, as long as there are no earnings on the address.
  • If there are any earnings then unfortunately they will be lost, as we cannot pay out to the addres you provided. If you feel we can still do a coin swap, please ask for support in our discord using the link below.
  • We have noticed that some people are mining LUX (PHI), and their address is incorrectly input as a LEA address. Therefore, the system would attempt to pay you out in LEA. Make sure that if you are wanting to mine LUX you include c=LUX in your password field.

  • Using MineMoney with Nicehash - High Algo Difficulties:
  • Our stratum servers have been customised to detect any mining activity from NiceHash. We have made every effort to set the correct / required difficulties for any NiceHash traffic. Please let us know in the support channel if you have an issue.

  • Tribus seems to be back up and running after the fork issue. Happy mining all!


  • In the future (once the pool is up to full speed) we are intending on offering a percentage of the pool profits in a prize fund to be drawn once per day. Every block you find (regardless of the coin type) will give you one entry into the prize fund.

    The winner will then be selected at random from these entries, and given a bonus amount credited to their coin accounts (currently only BTC accepted).
  • Please note: The rules for the prizes can change at any time.